Kosta's Baptism

Two weeks ago, I had the honor of capturing a baptism. But this wasn't just any baptism, this was the baptism of Konstantinos Achilleas Patounas, son of Achilleas Konstantinos Patounas.

Our friendship dates back to freshman year of high school where we both played baseball, shared the same love for terribly-awesome 80's action movies and collaborated in writing songs for our amazingly talented punk rock band. He's one of those friends that even though life may get in the way, you can give him a call and pick right up from the last place you left off.  

When Ach first asked if I would shoot Konstantinos' baptism, I was blown away... not only because it always means a lot to me when a friend asks me to shoot for them, but if you have had the privilege of attending a Greek ceremony of any kind, you KNOW that they put their entire heart and soul into every single moment and detail ... not to mention, they also know how to throw a damn good party! 

I can't thank Ach, his beautiful wife Afrodite, and both of their wonderful families enough for offering me the privilege of capturing this beautiful day! And congratulations to Konstantinos!